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Considerations When Buying Power Supply Transformers

Considerations When Buying Power Supply Transformers Posted on May 9, 2020

Whether you need a single unit or if you need three phase isolation transformers for a major project, getting the best price and the best quality is always a concern. With the ability to buy online instead of from local electric or electronic retailers, it is possible to find just the transformer you need and also find it at the price you want to pay.

Basically, all power supply transformers are designed to do the same thing. They are able to take the power coming into the system, which will convert the voltage either up or down to supply the equipment. In some systems, the AC mains input is filtered through high-frequency transformers to allow a DC voltage on the other side. These are known as switched-mode power supply transformers.

How it Works

All power supply transformers will use a metallic coil around a ferrous core. The metallic coil will carry the electrical current, with the magnetic field developed by the ferrous core.

Since this is done without the creation of heat, regardless of the volt-amps or capacity of the unit, they can safely be positioned with an electronic component, or they can be located external to the device or equipment as well.


It is essential when purchasing power supply transformers online to have specific information on several different factors. This is particularly important if you are designing a new or prototype piece of equipment and not simply replacing an existing power transformer.

To choose the right type and capacity of transform you will need to know the supply voltage, the voltage load that will be required, the frequency of the supply source and if isolation from the supply will be required in the design.

Another factor of the design and where the transformer will be used will determine if an open type, ones without an enclosure, or if a specialized enclosure will be required. Different enclosure types can allow ventilation or be designed to prevent moisture, dust, or contaminants from entering into the power supply transformers.

Where to Look

One of the best places to start looking for the transformers is online at specialized online retails focusing in on solutions for magnetics components. Look for a company that specializes in the industry where the power supply transformers will be used. Companies with this specialization will have extensive experience in the medical, technology, networking, telecommunications and industrial sectors.

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