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Considering 14 Ft. Ramp Trucks Rental for a Do-It-Yourself Moving Project

Considering 14 Ft. Ramp Trucks Rental for a Do-It-Yourself Moving Project Posted on December 10, 2018

Moving trucks that can be rented for do-it-yourself types are available in a variety of sizes. One of the more popular options is the 14 Ft. Ramp Trucks Rental. This truck size is intended to fit all the belongings from a two-bedroom apartment or a modest-sized house. The ramp makes moving heavy furniture easier, since it can be hauled or rolled up and down the slope.

Figuring Out the Right Truck Size

The truck generally can fit up to 10 medium pieces of furniture, along with some 200 boxes or plastic totes. Trying to judge the size of truck to rent by the number of rooms in the home is a very inexact science, since some people pack their houses with belongings and others live more sparsely.

People trying to get a sense of how much they can stack inside might use the measurements to section off an area of their home, such as part of the living or dining room, and consider whether all their belongings will fit. They’ll need to consider the most effective method of loading the truck if the space will come close to being filled. The space can be used efficiently from bottom to top.

Getting Quotes and Checking Reputation

People planning a move will want to get quotes on more than one 14 Ft. Ramp Trucks Rental so they can do some price comparisons. Various pricing models may be found, such as flat fees or charges per mile. The individuals scheduling a move will also want to check the reputation of the rental company in regard to customer service. The truck should be very clean in the cargo area as well as in the cab when the customer arrives to pick up the vehicle.

Considering Distinct Advantages

Acquiring this type of truck from a company like C.C. Rental offers certain distinct advantages. For instance, an optional liftgate can be provided, making the transport of items into the truck easier. This kind of organization equips the vehicles with EZ Pass so the customers don’t have to stop at toll points. Information on vehicles available from this particular organization can be seen at the website You can connect with them on Facebook for more updates!

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