Custom Extrusions Provide Many Benefits

by | Feb 4, 2016 | Metal

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Custom extrusions made from aluminum are used by a wide range of businesses in many different industries today. After extrusion, the products can be coated, painted and sawed to serve the needs of business and the consumer.

What are Custom Extrusions?

There are two basic types of extruded aluminum products. Some are created in standard widths and are stocked my many suppliers. These are known as stock aluminum extrusions. Yet, many extruded products are not standard and have been customized to fit particular application. These are called custom extrusions.

Where Do You Purchase Custom Aluminum Extrusions?

The best place to buy customized extrusions is through a local supplier. However, it must be a supplier capable of filling your needs. For example, if you need prototype custom extrusions, you should choose a supplier with design or engineering capabilities. Also, local suppliers are often the cost effective choice, due to shipping charges. However, this is not always the case and one should do price comparisons before placing an order.

Why Aluminum Custom Extrusions?

Aluminum is the preferred choice for a number of important reasons.

* Resistance to corrosion – you can use extruded products like steel furring channels for ceiling and wall installations. However, over time steel may rust, and aluminum is highly resistant to rust and corrosion.

* Weight – when it comes to materials, weight is one of your most important considerations. For example, a shipment of aluminum custom extrusions will weigh considerably less than steel products. This makes them the cost effective option. Weight is also a consideration when hanging ceilings, especially in manufactured and mobile home construction.

* Workability – because aluminum is highly malleable it is easy to extrude and work into shapes. In addition, it is also very strong and durable and some alloys are comparable in strength to steel. However, there are instances where stainless steel custom extrusions are preferred. For example, in an industrial kitchen you want to make sure everything is stainless steel so it can easily be sanitized.

* Recyclable – aluminum is one of the most recycled materials on the planet. In addition, it can be melted and reused an infinite number of times without breaking down. When you use aluminum custom extrusions you are making a good choice for the environment and your local eco system.

Industries Served

Here are some of the many industries and applications you will see custom extrusions today:

* Healthcare

* Law enforcement

* Construction

* Aerospace

* Automotive

* Transportation

* Marine industry

* Electronics

* Sports

* General manufacturing

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