What You Should Know About A Root Canal In Bethesda MD

by | Feb 4, 2016 | Dentist

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Maryland dentist performs a variety of services to prevent tooth damage. These services include repairs and restorations. When a tooth becomes damaged severely, extraordinary measures are vital to preventing loss. A Root Canal in Bethesda MD is a preventive surgery that addresses tooth damage.

Why are Root Canals Performed?

The root canal is performed as a last effort to save a tooth. They are necessary when the tooth nerve continues to cause pain for the patient. These measures allow the dentist to remove decay and prevent a potential infection.

The most common signs that a root canal is needed include pain, discoloration, excessive sensitivity to temperature changes, and abscesses. If the patient develops an infection, the dentist must address this condition before performing the surgery. Typically, they prescribe antibiotics to eliminate the infection.

How are Root Canal Surgeries Performed?

The dentist drills into the tooth and removes all decay that has developed. Next, they remove the pulp and nerve to prevent pain. The dentist cleans the tooth and injects a filling into the empty tooth cavity. Next, they use a filling to seal off the tooth. The Select dentist may install a crown over the tooth to provide extra protection from damage.

Are They Always Successful?

Yes, most root canal surgeries are successful. However, they require careful monitoring by the dentist. If the patient experiences any pain in the future, they should schedule an examination with their dentist.

After care, instructions may include rinsing the mouth and avoiding certain foods during the healing process. The dentist provides pain relievers for the recovery stage. They may also provide antibiotics to prevent a secondary infection. If the patient experiences any severe pain or swelling, they should contact their dentist immediately.

Maryland dental patients have opportunities to prevent tooth loss. Among these options are restorative measures and surgeries. Root canals are among this option the address severe damage. They present the patient with a solution to pain and nerve damage. The dentist performs these surgeries to prevent further damage. Patients who need a Root Canal in Bethesda MD should contact Aspen Hill Implant & Family Dentistry PC for additional information.

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