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Designing a Custom Kitchen, Start with the Cabinet Doors

Designing a Custom Kitchen, Start with the Cabinet Doors Posted on July 27, 2018

The doors on your kitchen cabinets are the first thing anyone sees when they enter the room. Cabinet doors set the theme and aesthetics of the entire kitchen space. There are many details to be taken into account when designing the perfect kitchen, including custom doors. Before you get into such details as the color and finish, it is important to consider how the doors will look once installed on the cabinets.

Attaching the Doors

There are three ways that cabinet doors can be attached to the cabinets; inset, partial overlay, and full overlay.

When you specify an inset door, it fits the opening in the cabinet. The hinges will be visible at times, and there will be a gap between the door and cabinet. This style of the door also reduces the volume in the cabinet.

A partial overlay door is mounted on the face of the cabinet. The door covers the opening and covers a portion of the finished face frame.

Full overlay doors cover the opening as well as the entire face of the frame. These doors are very popular and result in the most efficient use of interior space.


Medium density fiberboard is an ideal material for cabinet doors. MDF is ideal. It does not warp nor shrink no matter how hot or how humid it gets in the kitchen. It is extremely smooth, and the use of acrylic or lacquer paint results in an extremely smooth finish.

MDF is used for the cabinet doors; it can also be used to line the interior of the cabinets. It is easy to keep clean and easy to paint.

Every custom kitchen is different. Custom cabinet doors allow you to express your individuality. You have the option of styles and finishes to match the décor and period of the rest of your home.

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