Do You Really Need an Advanced Directive in Houston?

by | Mar 16, 2017 | Attorney

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Much of life’s upsets can be avoided by simply taking steps to avoid the problems. Planning ahead for both the seen and unseen circumstances can help you to avoid the stress of worry. There are a few things that every adult should have in place to avoid stress:

  *     A will

  *     A medical power of attorney

*     An advanced directive

A will is important, especially if you have children. You never know what can happen in life and having important legally binding documents kept in a secure place will make sure your wishes are always carried out.  A will tells everyone what you want to be done after you have passed away.  Most people realize the importance of a will, but they do fall short when it comes to understanding the importance of a medical power of attorney and advanced directive.

Why Is an Advanced Directive in Houston Important?

A medical power of attorney allows you to give power to someone to make medical decisions for you. An advanced directive is you making your own decisions should certain events occur. An advanced directive is important because it notifies health care providers what treatments you would expect if you are unable to express yourself.

Your Voice Matters

Life can throw you some curveballs at times no matter what ages you are, so it is important that you are prepared for all situations. Your voice matters when it comes to how you wish to be treated in certain situations.  Having your documents in order will ensure that your voice matters even if you cannot physically voice your opinions.  You can quickly get the documents together at! It is an easy process that is well worth the effort! You do need an advanced directive!

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