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Why Flying Safaris Beat Traditional Ones

Why Flying Safaris Beat Traditional Ones Posted on March 16, 2017

People have been going on safari for years. Generally, safaris are much as they have always been. Unfortunately, due to increased popularity, the traditional safari experience has lost some authenticity. If you are looking for a better way to see wildlife in Africa, you might consider Kenya flying safaris. While no safari experience is bad, you will probably prefer to safari by air. Here are three ways flying safaris beat traditional ones.


If you want to go where the animals are, you might opt for a faster means of travel than a conventional safari offers. When your guide hears a report that a herd is migrating 150 kilometers to the north, you are probably out of luck if you are in a truck. If you have access to an airplane, though, you can be where the animals are within a matter of minutes. Instead of missing your chance to hunt the animals you want, then, you might opt for a flying safari to improve your access. Similarly, if you have an emergency while away from civilization, you will have faster access to medical and other services if you travel by air.


For those who want to see Africa, Kenya flying safaris offer a much better vantage point than traditional hunting outfitters. Not only can you view the landscape out of the plane’s window, but you can also see changing biomes when you hop from airstrip to airstrip. Thus, if you are looking for a larger view than you might see out of a truck, you might consider taking to the air.


Traditional safaris have become extraordinarily popular in recent years. Because of this, many of the trips near Nairobi tend to be more like a day at the zoo due to the number of tourists. If you can get further away, though, you likely will have a more authentic experience.

If you are considering booking a traditional safari, you might consider looking into Kenya flying safaris. For at least three reasons, this modern approach to the safari beats the old way. Visit the website for more information.

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