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Make Your Trip to Hawaii Complete with a Lava Tour

Make Your Trip to Hawaii Complete with a Lava Tour Posted on February 20, 2017

Whether you want to take a private sunrise lava tour that includes biking and hiking, or you prefer a full moon lava tour you can’t go wrong with volcano lava tours. A typical two or can last anywhere from 3 to 4 hours and bring you up close to hot and flowing molten lava. When you use an experienced tour company you can be assured quality equipment such as a 21 speed mountain bike with front suspension. Since they are already familiar with the terrain they will be better providing you with the bike that can handle it most comfortably. You’re sure to comfortable seat with safe passage. The same goes for a hiking tour. Just make sure you’re wearing comfortable hiking shoes, which are preferable. Open toed shoes are not a good choice for this type of tour.

Come Prepared for Your Tour

In order to enjoy your volcano tour it is important that you come dressed for the occasion. You should wear cool and comfortable clothing especially since the atmosphere will become hot the closer you come to lava. Bring a small backpack with lunch or snacks, 1.5 L of water per person, sunglasses, sunscreen, and some sort of hat. Of course you don’t want to forget to bring your camera either. This is an opportunity of a lifetime and you want to make sure that you are able to capture it on film at the photo shoot of your life X automation point

Why Bike Tours Are the Best

Bike tours tend to be more enjoyable than just the hiking tours. While a hiking tour is adventuresome and gives you plenty of time to enjoy nature, it can be a very long hike. When you take a bike tour you will be able to enjoy a low intensity bike ride. All you need is to know how to ride a bike.

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