Don’t Miss the First Total Solar Eclipse since 1991!

by | Dec 14, 2015 | Shopping

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America has seen many things in the last few decades, especially in the realm of technology and science. There’s the creation of the smartphone, the pioneering of the Internet as the ultimate frontier of business and communication, the discovery of the Higgs Boson. But the one thing that’s been missing is the event of a total solar eclipse – the beauty and magnificence of solar totality, something that hasn’t been captured on camera in America since former President Bill Clinton’s administration.

Why is this One Special?
This will be a particularly special eclipse, as well. Not only will it have been the first real total solar eclipse in the United States since the early nineties, but it’ll also be the only total solar eclipse for another eight years – and that next total eclipse will only really be visible in Mexico.

Already, people are beginning to prepare for the event – and so must you. The 2017 eclipse has been on the minds of solar eclipse enthusiasts for several decades, and for them, August 21st 2017 has been marked on their phones and computers, and they’ve already got their equipment ready to capture history.

According to scientists, this isn’t like other total solar eclipses – what makes this one special is the fact that the sun may actually rise already in an eclipse – a rare moment, even for veterans of eclipse hunting. But how do you prepare for it?

What kind of equipment is necessary to capture a live total solar eclipse?
For one, you need the proper recording equipment. Get a camera with an incredibly long-ranged lens, keep the flash off (of course), and be ready to take photos at all sorts of shutter speeds. Most importantly, however, get a solar screen to protect your equipment (and your eyes). Solar screens are a must for every second before and after totality – and during totality itself, it’s still not considered absolutely safe to look at the sun with a naked eye, unless you dare take a peek just for a split second.

Sunglasses aren’t enough – you need specialized solar eclipse equipment, such as those provided by Eclipse Glasses. If you’re looking to enjoy the 2017 solar eclipse in all its glory, another thing you definitely shouldn’t forget is the possibility of bad weather in your area. Obviously, a horribly cloudy day will completely ruin the chance of seeing a total solar eclipse – but all you can do in that case is hope for clear skies.

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