English Teaching Jobs Abroad- Why Should You Take Them?

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The job industry in the United States is at an all-time low. As an English teacher, you need to decide whether you wish to keep on hunting for a job in this country or look for better alternatives. Many recruitment agencies offer English teaching jobs abroad. English teachers have a very in- demand skill: they have a deep knowledge of one of the world’s most commonly spoken languages. In Asian countries such as South Korea, Japan and others, the demand for English speakers is very high. The government is focused on teaching English to children from a very early age. That is why there are many job programs in such countries. The government is also willing to pay a decent amount of money for teachers who come from abroad to teach.

How Does the Application Process Work?

The job application process is quite straightforward. Rather than search for an English teaching job yourself, you should contact a recruitment agency. There are many recruitment agencies all over the United States, which now offer job placements in Asian countries such as South Korea. Approach an agency and submit your CV. The agency will then search for a good job based on your experience and skill set. If you have a number of glowing recommendations on your CV, you’ll obviously get paid a higher amount. English teaching jobs in South Korea and other countries are available in a large number. Not only do these countries need native English teachers for primary schools, but English teachers are also recruited to work with their adult workforce as well.

Once your application is matched, you will be asked for an interview. Since you are applying for English teaching jobs abroad, the interview will usually be held over the internet. Once accepted, the company will send over a work visa and a contract for you to begin your new job. The recruitment agency will charge a fee for their services. Unless mentioned otherwise, this fee is usually equal to two months of your pay.

Why Take the Job?

South Korea is a fascinating country. There are hundreds of beautiful places to visit and lots of things to explore. Rather than waste months of your life in searching for a local job, you should look for other options. Exploring international jobs is a great way to expand your working scope. Not only will you get to explore new countries and places, but you will also get to explore a whole new culture. Most contracts run for a year with an option to extend based on performance. If you don’t feel like continuing further, you can easily terminate the contract after the year end.

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