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FAQs Answered By A Home Insurance Broker in Sun City AZ

FAQs Answered By A Home Insurance Broker in Sun City AZ Posted on June 17, 2020

In Arizona, homeowners prevent avoidable losses by procuring insurance. The policies provide them with financial assistance when the property is damaged. The value in which they receive is defined by how great of a loss they experience. The following are FAQs about insurance coverage answered by a home insurance broker in Sun City AZ.

Do the Events that Caused Damage Affect Coverage?

Yes, the insurance policy defines what events are eligible for coverage. If the property is damaged due to non-covered events, the owner won’t receive coverage for repairs or replacement. In most cases, the policy offers coverage for naturally-occurring events, fires, and criminal property damage.

When are Additional Policies Required?

Additional policies are required if the property is situated in a flood zone or if the owner uses it for commercial purposes. A flood report defines the need for flood insurance. Any property that is in a flood zone and doesn’t have the additional policy won’t acquire full coverage for damage. If the owner uses the property for business, they need some form of business coverage for the property. They also need additional riders for business equipment.

What Damage and Losses are Covered After a Natural Disaster?

Property damage is the primary reason for coverage. However, the homeowner acquires coverage for items that are stored inside the property as well. They receive reimbursement for items such as perishable foods if there was a power outage. They will also receive payment for remediation services associated with the event that caused the damage.

When are Additional Properties Added to the Policy?

Additional properties are added as they are constructed on the property. These properties include guest homes, pool houses, and swimming pools. While they are separate fixtures, they are a part of the primary structure and achieve full coverage.

In Arizona, homeowners review policies to find the highest coverage value available to them. These policies protect their investment and prevent serious financial hardships. They pay for any structural damage as well as the loss of personal belongings. Homeowners who need these policies contact a Home insurance broker in Sun City AZ for more detailed information. Visit

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