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Field Welding – Doing the Repair

Field Welding – Doing the Repair Posted on December 21, 2015

Field welding to repair damaged elements in broken equipment in the field is a very involved process. Each stage must be done precisely to guarantee that the machinery runs properly again, and the repair lasts a reasonable length of time. Cleveland area professionals are available to effectively perform this service.

Broken and disabled equipment eats away at your profits. In the silence of your idle machine, a valuable time where you could be making money is not happening, and it can be a very long time if you don’t hire a proper professional to do your field welding. Repairing broken components in the field requires expertise in three areas: cutting and removing the failed component, preparing the new joint or part and finally, welding and clean up so you can start up.

Removing the Failed Metal
The first step in welding repair is to remove the damaged metal. To begin the repair, you must cut away the damaged area and remove all rough edges to ensure a proper fit-up of the replacement part. It is extremely important to fully grind out all cracks, even beyond what is visible to the eye. Even the slightest defect will continue cracking, even after a weld is laid over it.

Choosing the Correct Replacement
The filler material you use is critical. All components should be replaced with a material that meets or exceeds the strength of the original material. An exact material match ensures weld quality and longevity and helps to prevent premature failure and unwanted downtime.

Repairing the Section
Once you have obtained the right material, your repairs can begin. It takes a professional to understand the welding processes so that your equipment is repaired and no failed or weakened weld is happening.

Industry Standards
Certified and trained welding experts have the advanced training, continuous testing, and on-going certifications needed to exceed even the highest industry standards, which ensures and protects your investment.

Having an on-site field welder in the Cleveland area who can safely and efficiently handle sheet metal, stainless steel, aluminum, carbon steel and all the other various metals required to repair your expensive equipment and who can get your site back up and running is immeasurable to your bottom line.

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