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Find Your Future at the Summit Salon in Lee’s Summit

Find Your Future at the Summit Salon in Lee’s Summit Posted on January 12, 2018

Sometimes what you are wishing for is right in front of you. You can create a career for yourself in only a small matter of time if you choose to go to cosmetology school. Whether you want to operate your own business or prefer to work at a local salon, you will find that a cosmetology career is a rewarding pursuit.

Learn New Job Skills

Each session at a cosmetology school such as the Summit Salon in Lee’s Summit consists of 1,500 hours of instruction per session. Sessions are offered every six weeks throughout the year. Therefore, you can embark in a cosmetology career sooner than you believe.

Hands-on Experience

Students at a facility such as the Summit Salon not only learn theory in the classroom but they also practice their cosmetology skills on real people. Students are assessed on their performance, based on the methods they use and their communication skills. Therefore, you can acclimate yourself to the job before you apply for a position in a salon.

Learning Interviewing Skills

At a facility such as the Summit Salon, every effort is made so that students can confidently take their licensing exams. Once a student passes the exam for his or her license, interviewing begins. Students are coached on resume writing and interviewing so they can begin their careers more quickly.

Now Is the Time to Enroll

Each session is broken down into three phases to ensure that the information that is learned is easier to retain. These three phases include an introduction to cosmetology followed by two skill development stages during the beauty program. All the classes are held during the day with some of the classes extending to the early evening hours. Therefore, you need to make a full-time commitment to your education. Visit the website for further details. There is no time as good as the present to begin a cosmetology career.

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