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What Should You Ask a Commercial Mover in West Orange, NJ?

What Should You Ask a Commercial Mover in West Orange, NJ? Posted on January 11, 2018

When you are looking to move your office or your store, you are going to face new challenges that are not always the same as moving a domestic house. When you are moving a commercial space, you will need to move it as quickly as possible. Also, there will likely be more fragile and sensitive items to move such a computer. Moving one computer, especially a desktop computer with a tower, is difficult because of all of the wires and breakable parts that come with it. Moving dozens of computers is even more difficult. That’s why you need a commercial mover.

Do You Do Commercial?

The first thing you should ask a commercial mover in West Orange, NJ is if they are in fact, commercial experts. Some moving companies specialize in domestic moves but say that they can also do commercial. You need one that explicitly works in the commercial real estate as well.

If you’re interested, you can read more about some great movers in your area. They’ll be happy to answer your questions.

How Long Will This Take?

You need to also ask how long it will take to move your commercial space. That’s not just because moving is disruptive and a hassle, but because it can be costly as well. When you hire a commercial mover, you will likely not be able to work while they move your stuff. That means you will be potentially losing revenue. Movers who work quickly will lessen the lost time.

Do You Work Off-Hours?

It can also be beneficial if your movers work off-hours. If you keep normal business hours, moving during those hours can cut into your profits. Moving during off-hours or on the weekend can help you lessen that impact. That’s why you should ask many questions to your movers before you hire them. You should make sure they are open and honest with you.

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