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Finding Affordable Mobile Home Insurance in Cape Coral

Finding Affordable Mobile Home Insurance in Cape Coral Posted on February 11, 2019

Insurance premiums in Florida for homeowners and automobile coverages have been rising steadily for a decade and many people are turning to cheap quotes online for policies. There is nothing wrong with selecting a policy at a low price if it provides the insurance coverage required. Filing a claim is not the time to discover what the policy does and does not cover. Some owners have learned, after the fact, that their Mobile Home Insurance in Cape Coral included zero wind protection or replacement cost provisions.

Why Rates Are High

Insurance is all about risks. Companies assess the likelihood of paying a claim and set premiums accordingly. Over the past decade in Florida, both automobile and homeowners’ insurance payouts have risen significantly, hence the spikes in premiums. The best way to get affordable policies that include the right coverage is to discuss needs and budgets with an independent insurance agency, such as Lee County Insurance Agency. Discounts are available to those who have more than one policy with the same company, and agents can help with that process.


An independent agency offers quotes from several carriers instead of being limited to one or two. This flexibility allows agents to search for a policy that protects the driver, homeowner, and property while staying within budgetary constraints. Once policies are found, the agent will go over options face-to-face with owners so they understand what the coverage entails before signing the policy. Ask questions, seek clarification, and be sure property, home, and belongings can be replaced if necessary.

Personal Claim Services

The advantage of getting Mobile Home Insurance in Cape Coral with a local agent rather than an online company is the efficiency with which claims are handled. Calling to file a claim with an online company may be simple and fast but follow-up may take some time. Going to see an agent, or have the agent arrive at your home, decreases anxiety because the process is explained by a familiar person who knows the area. The adjuster will be someone local, accurate estimates will be easier to collect because the prices for parts and labor will be exact, and the work will get done faster due to dealing with professionals in person.

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