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Gain an Understanding of Multiple Tooth Replacement in Indianapolis IN

Gain an Understanding of Multiple Tooth Replacement in Indianapolis IN Posted on February 6, 2018

Teeth become missing for many reasons, including decay or gum disease. When someone is missing their teeth, it can cause them a lot of embarrassment and shame over their appearance. Instead of getting dentures, individuals now have the option of seeking multiple tooth replacement in Indianapolis IN. This procedure replaces missing teeth with implants, which offer a permanent replacement option.

What Can Patients Expect?

When a patient is having Multiple Tooth Replacement in Indianapolis IN, it helps if they know what to expect from the process. The process of tooth replacement is carried out over a period of several months. The first procedure involves the dentist opening the gum tissue and drilling into the jawbone to make a hole. This allows the dentist to place the implant base into the hole so it can begin to bond with the bone tissue.

Once bonding has taken place, a minor surgical procedure will be carried out. This allows the dentist to install the abutment to the implant base so it can later be covered by a prosthetic tooth crown. The dentist will check to make sure the bonding is complete before the abutment will be put in place. Waiting for bonding is the longest part of the procedure and can take a few months.

dentist will make impressions of the patient’s smile after healing has taken place so the prosthetic teeth can be made to precisely fit in the patient’s mouth. The teeth are made to look so natural, no one is able to tell they are not real. Once the crown has been crafted, it can be permanently put in place or made to be removed, depending on the patient’s needs.

How to Care For The Implants

Proper care is needed with implants to ensure they remain functional. If damage occurs to the prosthetic tooth, it can be replaced. The implant base becomes a permanent part of the jawbone and rarely needs to be replaced. It is important individuals see their dentist twice a year to protect their oral health.

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