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Gas Fireplace Inserts – An Innovative, Money Saving Solution

Gas Fireplace Inserts – An Innovative, Money Saving Solution Posted on January 22, 2016

Tired of high energy bills but can’t bear to part with your charming traditional fireplace? Fireplace inserts could be the solution! Read on for more information on these money-saving units.

The Problem With Fireplaces
No matter how gorgeous a traditional fireplace looks, the truth of the matter is that they’re just not very efficient. In fact, the Heart, Patio and Barbecue Association rates older fireplaces’ efficiency at a measly five to ten percent. This is because as these traditional fireplaces burn, much of the energy (heat) is lost up the chimney and through the material surrounding it. In fact, when outside temperatures drop below zero, traditional gas fireplaces exhaust more energy that they create.

What are Fireplace Inserts?
The inefficiency of traditional fireplaces has led to the development of fireplace inserts, which are designed to solve this efficiency problem. The concept is based on a fireproof box surrounded by cast iron or steel and insulated glass in the front. This creates a closed combustion system that traps the heat. Some fireplace inserts even have a blower that sucks the hot air back up from the room and into the unit. When professionals properly install these units, they serve as much more efficient zone heaters than traditional units.

Pros of Gas Fireplace Inserts
Not all inserts are exactly the same. One of the main differences is their power sources, typically electricity, gas, propane, wood, pellets or goal. Although all of these options still offer lower heating bills than tradition fireplaces, an electric, propane, or gas fireplace insert can offer owners additional time-saving advantages. Just think about it – when you want to build a fire with a wood insert, you have to go out, get firewood, haul it home, and load it into your unit. There’s also preparation involved with starting the fire; you need paper, kindling, and more to get it started.

With an electric or gas fireplace insert, starting a fire is a one step process! All you need to do is simply press a button to start the flames, which can even be done via remote depending on what unit you purchase. You’ll never have to worry about smoke getting in your eyes or cleaning up ash from the fireplace. Gas fireplace inserts are, quite simply, the way of the future.

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