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Using Police Emergency Lights Safely

Using Police Emergency Lights Safely Posted on January 22, 2016

There are many different styles of police emergency lights on the market. Some are big, some are small, some are for the interior of the car, others for the exterior. The kind of emergency lights that you will need for your vehicle will depend on the type of vehicle itself, as well as the type of emergency. Regardless of what type of vehicle you are in, you have to know how to use them correctly and safely so that everyone is aware of an emergency.

Using Emergency Lights
The roadways and highways in America are some of the most dangerous places for a law enforcement officer to be. There are plenty of risks involved including the location of the patrol vehicle and how an officer gets out of the car, to name a few. But the most important decision you make after these incidences occur, is when to use the emergency lights located on the inside of your vehicle. Just because you have a lot of emergency lights, does not mean all of them need to be used.

Color of Lights
Blue and red lights are typically associated with emergency responders but not everyone is keen on which one is the most effective when it comes to signaling drivers. Many drivers say that the color white is the easiest color to see, especially when it is dark out. Officers believe that white lights are good for getting the attention of the motorist, but terrible at alerting them of possible danger. Most drivers associate the color red with stopping, so red has been the most effective color in alerting them of possible danger and to be cautious when moving forward.

Most drivers state that blue is not quite as easy to see as officers might think, so most officers do not even turn on their blue light. Occasionally you will see blue lights used in the back if there is an accident up ahead.

Lighting Systems
Most law enforcement vehicles used halogen lights until just a couple of years ago. LED lights are the most commonly used lights on police cars in today’s day and age. They have eliminated the need for strobe lights and they have a lot more power than any other lighting system on the market. This is why most law enforcement agencies are using LED lights for all of the lights that are on their vehicle.

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