Gas Line Repair In Riverside, CA Will Reduce A Catastrophe

by | Oct 18, 2019 | Plumbing

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Natural gas leaks can be detected by the distinct smell they emit. Mercaptan is added to natural gas because natural gas alone is colorless and odorless. When a person notices a strange smell from a gas appliance, they should contact a plumbing and heating company that performs Gas Line Repair in Riverside CA. Ignoring the smell and doing nothing about it cause a catastrophic event, including an explosion.

Gas lines break for several reasons, including remodeling, shifting of the earth, and accidents. A trained plumbing or heating technician can quickly identify the problem and fix it. If a person smells gas, they should turn the gas off to the area as quickly as possible and exit the space.


An individual can’t ignore the smell of a rotten egg. If they smell a rotten egg smell in or around their home, they should never use cell phones until they’re safely away from the smell. The owner should turn the gas off to their home when possible or contact the gas company to perform for help as quickly as possible. The electric appliances should never be turned on when there is a gas smell in the home.

Smoking in an area with a rotten egg smell can cause an explosion. An owner should never attempt to locate the leak and should get to a safe area away from the gas leak.

Preventing A Gas Leak

One way to prevent requiring Gas Line Repair in Riverside CA is to have an annual gas line inspection. A plumbing or heating technician can inspect the lines and install a new gas line. A homeowner should choose a flexible gas line where allowed by the applicable code. This type of line will absorb shifting or movement easier than a copper pipe.

Outside gas lines can leak for a long period before the smell will seep out of the ground. The same caution should be taken for outside gas lines as inside gas lines.

Eliminating the risk of a major explosion that can level a home or business is important when there is a gas leak. HVAC Services and experienced plumbers can reduce this risk and correct the problem.

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