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The Bail Bonds Process in Mansfield Is Easy To Explain

The Bail Bonds Process in Mansfield Is Easy To Explain Posted on October 18, 2019

Bail Bonds Process in Mansfield isn’t too complicated and allows for defendants to be released from custody while awaiting trial. Immediately after a person is arrested, they might start wondering about bail. Concerned family members might also wonder how to help secure a release. It shouldn’t take long for the basics of bail to be understood.

Must Be A Defendant

For a person to participate in the Bail Bonds Process in Mansfield, they must be a defendant in a criminal complaint. A person who is just under arrest isn’t a defendant in a criminal complaint. An individual might be released without charges after an arrest. The authorities have a time limit on how long they can hold a person without filing criminal charges and making them a defendant. A person might have to wait for more than a day before they find themselves officially charged with a crime.

Setting Bail

After a person becomes a defendant, they will get a bail hearing. A defendant who has retained legal counsel will have a much better chance of a favorable outcome at their bail hearing. For a first-time offender, bail will usually be low if the crime isn’t a violent felony. Some defendants are allowed to go home after just agreeing to come back for their court dates. Bail also might be denied by the presiding judge. Vaughn’s Cowtown Bail Bonds can help with the bail process.

The Money

People who want to get out of jail in a hurry will use a bondsman. All that needs to be done is to pay 10 percent of the bail to the bondsman. They will take care of the rest. So if a defendant has a $2,500 bail, they just need to come up with $250 to get out of jail. A person who has family and friends that want to help them shouldn’t remain in custody long if their bail isn’t excessively high.

Although some states are doing away with bail, other states don’t seem to have any immediate plans to change the system they are using. Once a defendant is out on bail, they have to follow the terms and conditions of their agreement to remain free.

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