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Get Your Car Back to New with an Auto Body Shop in Johnson County

Get Your Car Back to New with an Auto Body Shop in Johnson County Posted on April 16, 2019

Owning a new car can be quite appealing to many people. For many, they can feel a sense of pride and accomplishment from driving that brand new vehicle. Unfortunately, auto accidents and other incidents can cause damage to a new vehicle. This can diminish its aesthetic appeal as well as its ability to drive properly. Fortunately, an auto body shop in Johnson County can provide services to get that vehicle back to looking and driving new again.


After an accident, the first step in getting a vehicle restored is to get an estimate. The right auto body shop in Johnson County can provide quick and easy estimates for customers. A drive through estimate area provides a convenient method for car owners to get their damage inspected. This area is climate control so that customers do not have to deal with the weather outside when waiting on these estimates.

Quality Repairs

The right shop will provide quality repairs to help ensure the vehicle is back to its new look in no time. Their team provides experienced and expert craftsmanship to repair any dent or damage a vehicle may have. The shop will also use quality parts to ensure a perfect fit for the vehicle. The team also provides computerized uni-body and frame repair. This ensures the vehicle is within the right range and continues to provide a quality driving experience.

Paint Matching

Once the repairs are complete, the next step is to paint the vehicle. This process begins with applying their paint matching system to ensure a perfect match with the vehicles original color. The waterborne, fast drying, green paint is then applied to the vehicle in a dust controlled area to ensure a clean finish. Once complete, the vehicle is given a Unicure treatment to bake the paint on perfectly. This process utilizes corrective color lighting to ensure a perfect finish.

In addition to these services provided to get a car back to new again, the auto body shop can also assist with insurance claims. Their team will provide all information needed directly to the insurance company to ensure a speedy process to get the car back to new. Visit us for more information about the services available.

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