When It’s Time for Rechargeable Car Battery Replacement in Centerville, OH

by | May 7, 2019 | Auto Parts Store

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When people make their first purchase of rechargeable batteries for a digital camera or other device, they may not immediately make the connection that the battery in their vehicle also is rechargeable. That device charges up as the vehicle is driven around. It also can be revived with a battery charger or jumper cables. Eventually, Car Battery Replacement in Centerville OH becomes necessary, since the equipment does not last forever.

The Main Function of an Automotive Battery

The automotive battery has limited purposes, but those purposes are essential. The main function is to start the car by providing electricity to the ignition. It’s possible to drive a car with a nonfunctional battery if someone jump-starts it, but normal recharging by driving the vehicle no longer is possible. Car Battery Replacement in Centerville OH is now necessary.

Continuing to jump-start the vehicle is a hassle. Cars with manual transmission can be started by giving them a push so they roll, but nobody wants to do that more than a few times. This technique is known as push starting. The driver pushes the clutch pedal down and releases it once the car has some momentum. That allows the engine to turn over.

Rechargeable and Disposable Batteries

Although automotive batteries are rechargeable, they are not the same as the devices that power cameras, remote controls, flashlights, and others equipment. Nearly all vehicle batteries are lead-acid models. A small number of cars run on a type of lithium battery. Somewhat similar batteries are used for mobile electronic equipment like cell phones, tablets and laptops. Disposable batteries commonly are alkaline or carbon-zinc versions.

Time Frame

Batteries generally are expected to last about five years, although some vehicle owners are fortunate enough to have a battery last twice that long. A battery might need to be replaced at a garage such as Centerville Service Center if the alternator fails while the driver is on the highway and doesn’t realize a problem has developed. The battery takes over for this part of the electrical system, allowing the car to keep running, but that takes a heavy toll on the battery. Make an appointment now.

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