Got AC Problems? A Copeland AC Compressor May Be the Solution

by | Nov 2, 2015 | Air Conditioning

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Are you having problems with your large AC (air conditioning) unit? Many times, the main reason AC units malfunction is due to compressor problems. Compressors are the central piece of air conditioners. Without a properly functioning compressor, the entire unit won’t work. A Copeland AC compressor may be the solution for your AC problems.

How to Diagnose a Bad Compressor

The first step prior to getting a new compressor is making sure you actually need one. While it is true that all compressors eventually fail at some point, it is important to diagnose that it’s actually the problem. There are other issues that can cause AC units to break down.

Typically, you can tell if the compressor is the issue if the unit is not producing cold air, it’s not working at all, or it’s making unusual sounds. Unusual sounds are typically an indication of compressor problems. Of note, different sounds have different implications.

Since compressors are made up of multiple parts, the specific area that is malfunctioning is important to identify. Furthermore, if debris has seeped out into the unit, additional damage may have occurred. Given the number of different possibilities, it is essential to get an inspection from a professional.

Get an Inspection from a Professional

Reputable professionals can quickly diagnose a bad compressor and help you replace it. They have expertise and knowledge about how compressors work and how debris can impact the entire AC unit. Moreover, they can differentiate between electrical issues, valve, and coil problems. They can determine whether the issue with the compressor is minor or more severe. Professionals can flush the compressor if flushing is warranted. Otherwise, they can replace the part completely.

Replacing the Compressor

If flushing does not resolve the issue, it’s likely that the compressor needs to be replaced. Many large AC unit owners inquire about whether they should just replace their entire unit. However, given the expense of AC units, it is financially advised to replace the compressor instead. Replacing the compressor can save thousands of dollars and prevent the delays that may occur due to installing an entirely new AC unit.

Experts highly recommend a Copeland AC compressor because of its high quality and longevity. Compressors that last a long time and have warranties are preferred.

Overall, dealing with AC problems does not have to be stressful. Checking the compressor is the first step to resolving the issue. Listening for unusual noises can give you clues whether it’s the compressor. After a professional performs an inspection and gives an official diagnosis, there may be an option to flush the compressor. If not, a replacement is needed. A Copeland AC compressor is the recommended replacement because it is made of high-quality materials and has a solid warranty to back it up.

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