Groups at Risk For Addiction

by | Apr 6, 2015 | Health & Fitness

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There are many issues that require tact, skill and the ability to recognize their uniqueness. These can pose a challenge for a rehab center. In Oxnard, such facilities must be aware of the individuals who are at a higher risk. They in truth do understand that in our society certain groups are considered at high risk for addiction.


The teenage years can be a roiling ball of confusion and anxiety. Changes are occurring that affect the physical and mental capacity. At the same time, adolescents are trying desperately to establish their own identity. They are searching for something that defines them and their own sense of morality.

Teens are at risk of developing addiction to certain drugs. Research indicates that for the majority of youth with substance abuse problems, this issue does not exist in a vacuum. It is accompanied by or the result of difficulties in other area of their life including:

* Family relationships – disagreements, sexual abuse, physical abuse
* Emotional – This can include stress, anxiety and depression
* Social relationships and societal pressures
* School – This may be marks as well as peer pressure and cultural and social issues
* Employment
* Medical – Current medical issues and genetic predisposition can result in turning to abusive behavioral patterns

Youth in this situation have been found to respond best to a rehab center in Oxnard or elsewhere, that utilizes an approach based on the individual’s needs. The
approach must be flexible and contain various elements that address the issues holistically.


At the opposite end of the spectrum are seniors. While drugs may be the most abused substance by teens, alcohol is the drug of choice by most seniors. Another problem is abuse of subscription drugs. Their substance abuse problems may be amplified by their living situation as well as medical conditions. The elderly like some adolescents, suffer from alienation. However, in the case of youth this is an emotional state while it is a physical reality for many seniors. They are isolated from friends and family – often through death; sometimes through their addictive behavior.

Seniors are also less likely to seek help on their own. It takes recognition of the problem by a caring health professional or social agency to arrange for treatment. In their cases, a rehab center needs to be extremely flexible. Confrontation is not a necessary element but outreach and a holistic approach can prove to be very effective.

A Rehab Center and Those at Risk

For a rehab center in Oxnard to be successful, it is important that it be client-centered. It has to recognize those at risk and put into place a treatment program that addresses their specific needs. In applying this approach, it will increase its chances of providing effective engagement of the individuals in their treatment.

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