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The Necessity Of Out-Patient Addiction Treatment In Calabasas

The Necessity Of Out-Patient Addiction Treatment In Calabasas Posted on April 7, 2015

Addiction recovery is not a single step process. Many people, including some addicts, assume once the physical aspect of the recovery is completed there is no need for ongoing addiction treatment in Calabasas.

In reality, a well-planned, client-centered, out-patient addiction treatment in Calabasas is essential after the initial detox and initial recovery work is completed. It is essential to help in ensuring support, professional services and encouragement is provided in the weeks and months in returning to daily life.

The Importance of Ongoing Addiction Treatment in Calabasas

During the initial in-patient treatment the addict begins to learn about addiction and the body’s physical response, triggers, and the science and chemistry behind the addiction. Then, in the later part of some of the top in-patient treatments the focus shifts to developing healthy coping skills, strategies, recognizing triggers and building a positive support system.

Unfortunately, when the individual in recovery fails to continue on with out-patient addiction treatment in Calabasas all this hard work is often lost. Without ongoing, intensive professional and group support those same old triggers and addictive coping strategies are used again, leading to a relapse.

What to Expect

For all people leaving in-patient treatment intensive out-patient addiction treatment in Calabasas is recommended. This will include treatment support 5 days a week with individual sessions, groups, and education on lifestyle changes, spirituality and relationship building. It will also support the recovering addict in making authentic, meaningful connections and re-connections in life with people genuinely interested in helping them sustain a sober, happy and positive life.

The best programs offering out-patient addiction treatment in Calabasas use a team-based approach with the professionals providing services. Each client is treated as an individual and goal setting and treatment plans are designed around each unique person.

The results of these types of programs offering addiction treatment in Calabasas are very positive. Through using best practice methods including a holistic look at the individual from their physical health and well-being to their spiritual and relationship connections with the world real change can be accomplished.

Recovery through addiction treatment in Calabasas is not a simple process. The duration of intensive out-patient program will vary on the individual and his or her challenges. However, with a dedicated, experienced and highly professional treatment team in place small setbacks will not turn into relapses and ongoing personal growth, happiness and sobriety will be achieved.

As a dedicated, family-owned and operated dual-diagnosis facility offering addiction treatment in Calabasas, Vantage Point uses a team approach to treatment. To learn more about our programs see us online at

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