Healing After Achilles Tendon Repair by a Podiatric Surgeon in Kenosha, WI

by | Nov 27, 2018 | Medical Center

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In some cases, a torn Achilles tendon heals on its own with proper care. Often, however, surgery is required to repair the tendon, depending on the severity of the tear. A Podiatric Surgeon in Kenosha WI provides this service to patients along with follow-up care to make sure the tendon heals as quickly as possible.

Physical Therapy

After the operation, the podiatric surgeon in Kenosha WI may refer the patient to a physical therapist. The appropriate exercises can speed healing. Full healing of a torn Achilles tendon after an operation can take up to six months. The foot doctor will verify that healing is complete.

Returning to Athletic Activity

At that point, the patient should be able to return to all usual activities but might need to avoid the activity that caused the tendon rupture. A consultation with the podiatric surgeon and the physical therapist will let the patient know whether returning to that specific activity is acceptable or inadvisable. Many factors are related to this decision, including age and general physical condition.

The Example of Pro Football

For example, most professional football players return to the sport after a ruptured Achilles tendon heals. However, a 60-year-old man whose tendon was injured while playing kickball may be better off finding a different activity to pursue.

This person may be too nervous to try kickball again anyway after a severe injury that caused the need for surgery at a facility such as Great Lakes Foot & Ankle Centers. Many pro football players have spoken about the psychological issues after this type of serious injury and how that can undermine their performance. They keep feeling anxious that they will reinjure the leg or injure the other leg in a similar way. About one-quarter of players with this kind of injury do not return to the game afterward, according to a study appearing in Foot and Ankle International in 2017.

People who do decide to return to their sport of choice tend to return to their previous level of performance, but they can expect this to take a while. Research shows that this goal may not be fully realized for up to two years. Visit Greatlakesfootankle.com for more information about the podiatric clinic.

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