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How To Help Your Senior Make Their Assisted Living Location Feel Like Home

How To Help Your Senior Make Their Assisted Living Location Feel Like Home Posted on November 24, 2017

If your senior loved one is moving into one of the assisted living facilities in Peoria, AZ, then there are many things to do and take care of. However, as you help them move and get settled, remember there are certain ways that you can help them feel more at home. By implementing the right tips and techniques, you can not only make the transition into assisted living easier, but also ensure your loved one has all the comforts of home right there in their new space.

The Importance of Decorating

Many seniors are reluctant to move into assisted living in Peoria, AZ because they don’t want to leave what they have known and what is comfortable. This is when you can help significantly. Take some time to figure out what things are most important to your loved one and then bring them along for their new space.

Ways To Make Assisted Living More Comfortable

Some of the things that you should take along for your senior loved one moving into assisted living facilities include photos from home, a favorite chair or end table, linens, lamps and other décor items that will make their new space feel like their old home. Remember, in most cases, the assisted living location is going to have much less space than the seniors home, so you need to take this into consideration and only take along items that they really want.

Ask About the Rules

There are some assisted living locations that will let you paint and change the space as much as you want, while others won’t. It is a good idea to ask about the rules and regulations ahead of time so you know what you can and cannot do to the space. This will help you make the necessary preparations and ensure your senior loved one will be as comfortable as possible in their new home.

When it comes to a senior moving into assisted living, there is no question that it can be a huge transition. If you want to make it as easy as possible on them, then you need to use the tips here. Doing so will ensure that your senior loved one has the comforts of home and that they won’t get as homesick as they would without anything from their old home.

Keep in mind, for most seniors, this is a huge move and one they may not have expected to make. As their family, you can take steps to help them get through it and enjoy their new home, too. By implementing décor and things that remind them of their former space, you can help ensure the senior is both happy and healthy in their new space. You may want to consider joining them for a meal or other activities so they feel you are still a part of their lives.

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