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Transmission Issues That Need Your Attention – Now!

Transmission Issues That Need Your Attention – Now! Posted on November 27, 2017

When it comes to cars, there are some relatively minor issues that can be overlooked for a while. Repairs can be expensive, and maintenance can take time many people haven’t got to spare. If you notice these issues with your transmission, though, it’s time to seek out transmission repair services.

Problem 1 – Transmission Slippage

If you are driving in a particular gear in your automatic vehicle and suddenly feel it change for what seems like no reason, what you may actually be experiencing is your transmission slipping. You may also hear whining or whirring sounds, or your car may seem like it’s struggling for no apparent reason.

Problem 2 – Engagement Delays

When you shift out of park and into drive, you may experience a long pause before the car actually engages and begins moving. This is known as a delay.

Problem 3 – Leaking Fluid

Your transmission is meant to be a well-sealed unit for a reason. Leakage of fluid is dangerous. Be sure that the fluid is from your transmission by checking for a bright or muted red color.

Problem 4 – Ineffective Shifting

Take note of how easily your car shifts gears. If it resists doing so or makes an audible clunking sound upon having its gears shifted, you may have a problem.

Problem 5 – Transmission Warning Light Appears

This is perhaps the most obvious sign that something is amiss. If you notice your transmission light come on, it’s time to get to a professional. You wouldn’t let a sick family member wait to see a doctor, so why make your car – that your entire family likely depends on – do the same?

If you’re looking for transmission repair near Beltline, East of Preston in Dallas, TX, look no further than the experts at City Garage. With years of industry experience and automotive know-how, they’ll have your motor running like it should in no time!

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