Here Are Some Essential Car Service Tips to Endure the Summer Heat

by | Jul 2, 2019 | Automotive

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Summer is a great time of year to enjoy family vacations, time by the pool, and a fresh glass of lemonade. At the same time, the summer heat can put extra strain on your vehicle that can cause issues if your car is not properly maintained. Here are a few tips for German car service in Cleveland, OH, to ensure your vehicle glides through the warm weather like a summer breeze.

Inspect and Replace Air Filter

As the summer months tend to be drier, there is usually more dust in the air. To keep your vehicle running at its peak, it’s important to check your vehicle’s air filter to ensure it isn’t clogged with dust and debris. A clean air filter will help your engine perform better and increase your fuel economy.

Check Your Coolant

Without coolant, your vehicle’s engine will quickly overheat. With the temperature outside already hot, this crucial function of coolant is even more important. Even if your vehicle shows no signs of trouble, pop the hood about once a month to glance at the coolant reservoir. If you notice a drop in your coolant level, it may indicate a larger problem that requires German car service in Cleveland, OH1.

Test Your Tire Pressure

It’s important to drive on properly inflated tires at all times. Properly inflated tires prevent premature wear and help improve your gas mileage. In the summer, the heat can cause the air in your tires to expand, resulting in the appearance of properly inflated tires that are actually under-inflated. Test the air pressure in your tires after your vehicle has had a chance to cool down in the shade to ensure you obtain an accurate reading.

Have Fun

Summer is a great time to enjoy all the beauty that surrounds you. A great way to enjoy this beauty is to take a drive along a scenic back road. If you follow these simple steps to keep your vehicle working properly, you will be able to enjoy these summer drives whenever you please.
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