Hire a Construction Injury Attorney After a Forklift Accident

by | Aug 3, 2016 | Lawyers & Law Firm

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Forklifts are efficient multipurpose machines used in many workplaces. Millions are used each day, and despite their usefulness, they can cause injury, property damage and even death. Forklift accidents are responsible for thousands of injuries and many fatalities each year in the US. Below is a brief breakdown of accidents by category:

  • 26% of accidents occur when a forklift tips over
  • 18% occur when a person is hit by a forklift
  • 14% happen when a load falls off of a forklift
  • 14% are due to the use of a forklift to elevate a person
  • 7% are due to hazardous workplace design
  • 7% are because of improper forklift maintenance
  • 3% are because of an operator’s loss of control
  • 3% occur due to improper use

Read on to learn the factors that contribute to forklift accidents, and to learn how a Construction Injury Attorney from Edwards & Bullard Law can help an injured worker.

Improper Operator Training

Improper turning, backups and parking can cause forklift accidents. Giving rides, horseplay and poor communication also carry the potential for serious injury or death.

Poor Maintenance

Malfunctioning brakes, transmission, steering or hydraulic systems can cause serious accidents. A missing or failed safety device can also be to blame. For instance, a forklift should have a rollover prevention system that keeps the operator from being ejected or crushed in a rollover accident.

The Pace or Stress of Production

Accidents are common in fast-paced workplaces. Workers who are forced to rush to move inventory or meet orders are more likely to be involved in a forklift accident.

Accident Risk Reduction

Despite the risk of forklift accidents, there are ways for employers and workers to reduce the risk. If operators receive proper training, if equipment is properly maintained, and if work areas are properly used, there’s much less risk of an accident.

Should a Victim Consult a Construction Lawyer?

An experienced attorney can help a forklift accident victim determine the appropriate course of action. Additionally, a Construction Injury Attorney can assist in the discovery process to find out which safety measures were in place at the time of the event, and whether those measures met OSHA requirements. You can also watch video on YouTube channel for more information.

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