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Home Improvement: How Far Are You Willing To Go?

Home Improvement: How Far Are You Willing To Go? Posted on August 10, 2015

Home improvement – the words trip off your tongue – or at least off the tongues of those who have never been there before. It is an exciting time – a home improvement in Arlington Heights IL is certainly something to get thrilled about. Yet, you need to be forewarned. No matter how much you think you know about what is going to happen, you can never be completely prepared. That being said, below you will find a few reminders about the “dirty” side of home improvement projects.

The Darker Side of Home Improvement: Dirt, Noise, and Disruption

You can hire the best home improvement company in Arlington Heights, IL, and you still will experience dirt, noise, and disruption. The amount will depend upon the extent of the project. If it involves the taking down and installing drywall or the removal of carpet, padding and more, there will be dirt. If there are tools operating, there will be noise. If there are people constantly working in your home, there will be disruption.

1. Dirt: This is a fact of your new life. The weather will also play a role in determining what gets dragged in. If you have done your research and hired a great company, than the company involved in your home improvement in Arlington Heights IL will do their best – and many go the distance to help keep your home free of dirt, but some will always manage to get in. You can help to mitigate the problem in a number of ways including:
* Constructing a wall to divide your living space from the construction zone
* Reduce dust in the air by operating an air filtering system
* Block off any system that could send the dust and filth floating into your living space i.e. block off heating and cooling vents

2. Noise: Noise can be annoying. It can be unnerving and leave you wanting to just tear out your eardrums. Electric saws whine. Nail guns explode, and there is all that banging of hammers and even clanging of pipes.

3. Disruption: Home improvement automatically means disruption of some sort. The more extensive the home improvement project and the longer it takes, the more likely your regular routine is going to be severely impacted. While you think you may be prepared for the temporary loss of a bathroom or kitchen or basement, you never really are.

Solutions to Home Improvement Woes

No matter how much care your home remodeling company takes to ensure that your home improvement in Arlington Heights IL runs smoothly, you might still suffer from a sense of invasion. Your home is your home, yet not your home. It is also a construction project for a company that has deadlines. While you will probably get to know and like the construction crew, you still would prefer they were elsewhere. The simple solution, if possible, is to take a vacation. Take you and your family away for a few days while the home improvement is underway. This allows the company to work away uninterrupted and you, and your family to enjoy the sound of silence.

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