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How A Drilling Service in Honolulu Can Stabilize Building Sites

How A Drilling Service in Honolulu Can Stabilize Building Sites Posted on May 3, 2019

The beautiful Hawaiian islands have a unique set of challenges for builders of both private and public buildings. Getting stable foundations can be difficult and existing buildings can develop foundation problems. These problems must be dealt with quickly to protect the structural stability of the buildings. Drilling Service in Honolulu can be a valuable part of the solution. Drilling is part of shoring systems, slope stabilization, new construction, and installing needed piles.

A Unique landscape and Climate

The Hawaiian islands have a unique climate and geography that is a blessing and a challenge at the same time. What makes the weather wonderful to live in also makes building sable projects a challenge. The islands have difficult subsurface conditions. Geotechnical issues must be dealt with on every new construction project. Existing buildings may develop foundation and subsurface issues that threaten building stability. An engineering firm familiar with the stability issues in the islands can solve these problems.

Building Stability Solutions

Drilling Service in Honolulu is offered by engineering firms such as Structural Systems Inc. and can be part of the solution. Drilled systems, driven systems, expanding polymer grout systems, helical or torqued systems, soil stabilizers, underpinning products, and other techniques may be used to stabilize buildings and walkways for the long term. These many solutions can help level foundations, repair sea walls, fill void spaces, and fight the effects of corrosion. Roads, walkways, and parking lots and structures may become cracked and uneven, needing leveling services.

Drilling Services

Companies with the correct drilling and other equipment are prepared to do even the largest stabilization jobs. The equipment and the correct stabilizing product and system are the difference between failure and a successful job that lasts long term. Expensive condos, resorts, and public buildings must have a stable base to support the weight of multiple floors. Many stabilization projects require drilling services. These include design-build projects, new construction, sea wall repair, compaction grouting, and foundation re-leveling. They also include auger and drilled piles, shoring systems, slope stabilization, and remedial underpinning.

The correct solution applied by the right contractor makes all the difference in reclaiming properties suffering from shifting subsurface conditions, cracked or sinking foundations, and cracked walls. Don’t let concrete cracking or settling go untreated. For more information contact You can also visit them on Google My Business.

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