Is There Value In Working With Experienced Industrial Distributors?

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One of the challenges for any contractor or construction service in the United States or working internationally is finding reliable partners. Contractors and construction services need to have dependable, reliable and expert services to provide the supplies, material, and components they need to get the job done.

Not all contractors and not all construction companies work with industrial distributors. Some companies and contractors choose to use different suppliers for various materials and components they need and even look for the lowest price for every job.

There are some important and cost-saving issues to consider in working with experienced industrial distributors. When contractors or construction companies are considering their options, looking beyond just shaving a few cents off of a part or component needs to be front and center in the decision-making process.

Accessing Expertise and Experience

A significant difference between a basic industrial supply service and industrial distributors is the information, product knowledge and application specific information the distributors can provide.

The distributor has a direct relationship with the manufacturer, which means they have the training, access to product experts and even the ability to request custom orders to meet the needs of specific projects and applications. When the contractor or construction company has a question, industrial distributors are able to provide information or to go to the manufacturer and find a solution.

Order Capacity

In both large volume orders as well as hard to find items, industrial distributors have the ability to work with their customers to track down items and to provide a rapid turnaround on orders, even with custom types of products.

Additionally, some of the top distributors for industrial products are able to arrange a direct delivery to their customers, cutting significant costs and time in getting materials to the job.

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