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How Chemo Beanies Can Make Going through Chemotherapy a Little Easier

How Chemo Beanies Can Make Going through Chemotherapy a Little Easier Posted on May 15, 2015

For female cancer patients, going through chemotherapy can be one of the most challenging parts of battling this disease. Not only is the process physically taxing on the body but it can also be emotionally taxing due to the fact that chemo results in hair loss, with a woman’s hair often being seen as her crown. Chemo Beanies are designed to help women feel and look beautiful in the midst of their chemotherapy treatments.

What are Chemo Beanies?
They are head covers made specifically for women who have received a breast cancer diagnosis. These products were born out of the experience of two sisters who were diagnosed with this type of cancer. One of the sisters struggled to find a suitable head cover for herself while she was going through chemo, so she came up with a new head cover that would help her sister when her sister ended up being diagnosed with cancer a few years later. The purpose of the product is to essentially help women who are completing the difficult process of chemo to not be concerned about how they will cover their bald heads.

Benefits of Chemo Beanies
These products are popular because they are not only stylish but also feature a feminine touch and are comfortable. Several hats are available on the market for women who have lost their hair as a result of chemo, but cancer patients often find these hats to lack functionality in their everyday lives. Although more comfortable cancer turbans are also available, these turbans have been viewed as unfashionable. Scarves and bandanas meet a woman’s need for style, functionality and comfort, but they can be hard to tie and often do not stay in one place. Finally, wigs sometimes work well but are not always comfortable to wear. Therefore, Chemo Beanies are an ideal option for women who want a head covering that looks good, feels good and is easy to use.

Product Options
These head coverings come in a variety of prints to suit your personal style or look. For instance, some coverings feature a brown, black or white animal print, while others have a floral or rainbow print. All coverings have a distinct elastic design that easily fits on a woman’s head so that she can look chic while focusing on getting better day by day. offers a range of products designed to help female cancer patients. To find out more, visit

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