How Search Engine Optimization Services Can Increase Your Business

by | Nov 28, 2014 | SEO Services

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The Internet has revolutionized the way consumers shop for physical goods and services, making the company website a critical tool for communicating with potential and existing customers. Most companies understand how important website exposure is to their marketing efforts, but do not understand how to use this tool to its best effect. Over ninety percent of websites are found through web searches. SEO services in Chicago, IL can assist you in developing a search engine marketing campaign to take advantage of this fact.

Developing a Search Engine Marketing Campaign

Search engine marketing companies have available to them a variety of tools for developing SEO marketing campaigns. By researching your target market, they will develop a list of key words and phrases to target more customers and increase your website’s rankings among the search engines.

Following ‘search engine best practices’, these marketing companies will provide strategies to develop and optimize landing pages. A landing page typically stands alone and separate from your website. The landing page has one of two purposes: to walk the user through a process of conversion (clicks) to a sale or to collect data about a user that allows the company to market to that user in the future.

Search engine optimization services include pay-per-click programs, organic SEO optimization (content based) and link development. Pay-per-click programs allow a company to ‘bid’ on a top position in the search results of particular key words or phrases. The company is not charged unless the user actually clicks on their site. These programs deliver quick results but a lower conversion rate than organic search results. Organic SEO optimization is a process of bringing together engaging, often educational content and key words or phrases. Link development provides links on your website to other, relevant sites and back links from other, relevant sites to your website. Social media has become a major player in link development.

Monitoring Progress

A website requires constant attention for search engine marketing to be effective. Search engines frequently change their mathematical algorithms, making search engine optimization a constantly evolving process. What works today may not work a few months from now. SEO services by companies like SEO Solutions in Chicago, IL can make sure that your website remains a powerful marketing tool. They accomplish this through monitoring your marketing campaign’s progress, staying up to date with latest developments in the industry, utilizing a variety of analytics and tracking techniques, and assisting with the development of new content.


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