Simple Steps for Finding Mobile Crane Hire Services to Suit Your Needs

by | Nov 28, 2014 | Business

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If you are in the process of renovating the home or business grounds, you may need to lift heavy items, such as bricks, soil, stones, etc. Sometimes, the only way to do this is by paying for mobile crane hire services from a professional company. Construction site work, fallen trees, rubble – whatever it is you need transported from one spot to another, a cable-controlled crane will be ideal for pick-and-carry operations. Designed to position, place and move items, cranes of this kind are both flexible and versatile. Before you work with just any company, use the following tips to find worthwhile services.

Risk Assessment

Prior to any lift commencing, it is imperative that a risk assessment is carried out. Otherwise known as a method statement, assessments of this kind will be carried out by a qualified individual heading the operation. Certain risks should be identified so that they can be avoided, such as the chances of injuries occurring when cranes are in use, the possibility of the crane collapsing, the potential of the load falling, etc. Normally, the user and hirer of the crane will maintain equal responsibility when it comes to dealing with legal responsibilities, so bear this in mind.

Insurance Coverage

Every job you complete, whether it is construction-related or otherwise, should be covered by some form of insurance. Insurance coverage will protect all of the personnel involved in the project so that should the unexpected occur, these persons will be financially covered. Before you hand over your money for mobile crane hire services, make sure the company covers not only the personnel but also, machinery and members of the public who may be on-site at the time of an accident.

Company Regulations

Don’t make the mistake of paying for mobile crane hire before checking to see if the company you collaborate with has proper regulations put into place. A professional company will work to the terms and conditions set out by the CPA (Construction Plant Hire Association). In addition to this, the mobile crane hire specialist will operate cranes safely by following the British Safety standards BS7121, as well as adhere to the Lifting Equipment regulations 1998. If a company sticks to these regulations, you can be sure that they are abreast of legal responsibilities. The team of drivers working at Tooley’s Crane Hire are fully licensed, so you can rely on them for mobile crane hire services. For additional information about services and equipment, give them a call on 0418 578 070.

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