How To Find Sales Training Speakers

by | Nov 4, 2016 | Business

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Many companies feel that their salespeople aren’t performing as well as they could be. Before considering all your options, it’s important to determine where the problem lies. Is it with the salespeople and their department or is it because of another aspect. In most cases, the sellers are a large part of the problem, either because they don’t know what they’re doing or don’t know how to do it. Sales training speakers can be beneficial for multiple reasons, but finding them can be tough.

Skill Vs. Attitude

It’s important to understand that skill and attitude are different things and most companies forget this vital piece of information. The skills can be taught and learned easily, but the attitude cannot. If someone is in a negative mind-frame, they will bring down everyone around them, as well as perform poorly. Sales training speakers can help with both areas because they can motivate and inspire (helping with attitude) and teach them what to do, how and when to do it, and more (dealing with skill).

Take A Shower

When you take a shower, you clean yourself and are presentable for the day. However, the next day you must repeat the scenario and each day forward. The same can be said of sales training speakers because you can’t hire them for one event and expect your problems to disappear (or be washed away). It’s important to have a series of events or seminars where the speaker can talk directly to the employees and help them work through various struggles and challenges.

How To Find

The best thing to do is look for a trainer or educator in the selling industry. Ask them if they will consider speaking at various events throughout the year, and tie that in with more traditional options.

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