How to Make Better Use of Your Office Paper Supplies

by | Sep 28, 2016 | Furniture

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When you are one of the few that believe that your office copy paper has just one use in your photocopier or printer, it’s time to open your eyes and understand how tens of thousands of other folks have found awesome uses for the often underused office supply.

There Is No Need to Purchase a Label Maker

Combining your Copy Paper with your photocopier or printer, you already have your own in-house label maker. Within almost every basic text writing software on your computer, there is the facility to play around with the fonts. By changing the font and its size, adding color and if you choose fancy borders as they are easy to attach, you are halfway there.

The first challenge is to decide exactly the words and their presentation that you’re going to print on a piece of paper. Once it is printed, cover the area of the label with clear packing tape. For a professional job, make sure you remove any bubbles. With your best scissors, cut the label to the size that you require.

The next part of this challenge is also simple. Submerge the words with the clear packing tape, your new label, underwater for five or six minutes. Should you not have the time to stand there for the full six minutes, use a small but heavy enough item to keep your new label underwater.

The next stage is more difficult as you very carefully remove the wet paper away from the tape. It is at this point you’ve got to be really sure not to pull away any of the lettering. You finished! Adhering the labels onto plastic, metal or glass is now straightforward. Smooth away any spare bubbles and you will be left with a perfect label. Who knew that your copy paper was so useful?

How to Improve Your Office Party

Purchasing a photo cake is always great fun, but it does rapidly increase the cost of your office party. One option open to you is to purchase edible paper and edible ink. Your office design expert can complete the job for you.

While the expert is in party mode, they can design your very own personalized napkins. With the help of simple software, you can pass plain napkins through your inkjet printer for your bespoke entertainment. You may have to test one or two napkins first to get the paper folded so it’s the same strength as office copy paper, so choosing a good quality napkin will be essential.

The message you can get across to your office employees, is that with a little thought, simple software and imagination, then almost anything is possible.

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