How To Protect Your Eyes During A Solar Eclipse

by | Nov 21, 2015 | Shopping

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A solar eclipse presents the chance to enjoy something you will remember forever. It is a unique experience. However, like many of nature’s natural wonders, there is always a risk. Unless you have some form of solar eclipse eye protection, the event can be quite dangerous. Fortunately, you do have several options. They will allow you to view the eclipse without irreparably damaging your eyes.

Safe Eclipse Eye Protection: Your Basic Options

If you want to stare at the sun during a solar eclipse, you will need to employ some form of solar eclipse eye protection. You have several options from which to choose. Most are readily available. The most common and frequently cited types of eye protection are:

* Pinhole Projector: The easiest, cheapest and simplest ways to view the solar eclipse safely is to create a pinhole projector. This involves using a long box approximately 6 feet long, together with a piece of aluminum foil, a sheet of white paper and a pin. This is great for a class project. It is not suitable if you do not have the time or simply are one of those individuals who feel awkward when it comes time to take on do-it-yourself projects.

* Solar Eclipse Glasses: It is possible to find these, one of the better solutions, in some specialty retail outlets as well at science museums. They are also available online. These are a fairly inexpensive means of filtering out the sun’s lethal rays successfully.
* Welder’s goggles: Interestingly enough, welder’s goggles are a safe way to observe the eclipse of the sun. In fact, they come recommended by no less a space authority than NASA itself. Welder’s goggles, however, are only successful solar eclipse eye protection if they are rated 14 or higher.
* Aluminized Mylar Sheeting: If you happen to have some Mylar sheeting around the home or have access to some, you can cut it with scissors. Do make sure the sheeting is aluminized or it will not prove to be effective for this purpose.

Commonalities of Eclipse Eye Protection

In general, all types of eclipse eye protection act to protect your eyes from the harmful solar rays. They all accomplish this by filtering out and/or blocking the various rays that can create negative effects when viewed directly. Eclipse glasses and welders goggles are both capable of filtering the sun. They make it possible for you to look at this star without causing damage to your eyes and, therefore, your sight.

Eclipse Eye Protection

Eclipse protection is, essentially a filter. If the filter is a specially designed solar filter, you can use the device to enjoy a truly remarkable event. By ensuring they are capable of reducing the effects of ultraviolet and infrared light, the right eclipse eye protection will help save your eyes from an intensity that could damage then forever.

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