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How Your Business Can Benefit From Custom Wallpaper

How Your Business Can Benefit From Custom Wallpaper Posted on January 29, 2016

As a business owner, your customers are most important to you. When they walk into the office, their first impression will mean the difference between a sale and no sale. If the room is laid out in a well-designed way and you have appropriate wallcoverings, they will think more highly of you and want to do business. If, however, your office is full of mismatched furniture, clutter, and peeling paint or ragged wallcoverings, you won’t look professional. An excellent way to update the building can be to use custom wallpaper, which can be inexpensive and give the whole office a breath of fresh air.


Most companies want to advertise as much as possible without spending a lot of money. Whether you want your brand name to show through the glass doors or want the policies listed where all employees can see them, have them printed on custom wallpaper to place on the office walls. Paint may not work well for this, because it can get scratched and chipped quickly, and can peel over time. Plus, it can take a lot of extra work to paint the policies or logo on the walls.

You may still need to have the paper correctly installed on the walls, which can still cost some money, but think of it as an investment rather than money out of your pocket.

Classy and Modern

Paint can deteriorate after a few short years, but it can also look tacky as it starts to decline. You’ll have some areas that are still shiny and look great and others that look shaggy and shabby. Wallpapers offer a smoother finish and can provide a more polished look while still being very customizable. You can create a modern and classy look without breaking the bank and without doing a lot of the work yourself.

Better Investment

Paint is usually an inferior option for offices, because people are constantly in them, working eight or more hours a day. That means the paint can take a lot of abuse from people, desks, fixtures, chairs and normal daily movements. The pain can peel, fade or chip and will need to be redone, sometimes in as little as six months or a year.

Customized wallpapers can allow you to get the designs you want and the durability to last five times longer than mere paint. By the time the paper starts to look shabby, you’ll probably want to change it anyway, so you’re creating a win-win situation.

Custom wallpaper does more than change the look of your office, it can be a better investment than paint, cover problem areas and more. Visit Maya Roman Off today to learn more.

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