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The Most Important Things To Consider When Seeking A New Doctor In Maui

The Most Important Things To Consider When Seeking A New Doctor In Maui Posted on September 4, 2017

It can be stressful to have to find a new doctor, as it is important to find a medical professional who is dedicated to their patients and has access to the latest advancements in medical technology. While there is not a fool proof way to locate a trustworthy Doctor in Maui, there are things a patient can research that will enable them to find a qualified physician. Here are three things to consider and research before choosing a new primary care physician.

Emergency Appointments

It is not possible to know when a medical emergency will strike, so it is important to find a doctor that offers emergency appointments so that a person can receive quality medical care as quickly as possible. They should also have on site x-ray services and lab facilities, so they can conduct any needed testing and get the results quickly so the appropriate treatments can be administered. Don’t trust a doctor that doesn’t handle emergency situations, as it can leave a person without the medical attention they need.

After Hour Appointments

In addition to standard appointment times, a clinic should also function as an urgent care facility and offer after hour appointments. Most will staff an office with one physician for late night sick appointments, which will ensure a person can get the medical attention they need without having to wait. Talk to a doctors office about the after hour options they offer, and make sure they will always be there when a medical emergency arises.

Vaccination Clinic

One of the best ways to prevent the onset of some health problems is through vaccinations. Many doctor offices are moving away from completing vaccinations, and are instead opting to send their patients to their local health department. This can be frustrating and time-consuming, so be sure a Doctor in Maui provides on-site vaccinations, so a patient will have access to illness preventing shots.

Choosing a new doctor can be complicated, but a little research will allow anyone to pick a medical professional they can trust. Be sure to check out Wailea Medical Center & Urgent Care, as they provide quality care and offer convenient office hours. Contact them today to learn more and schedule a new patient exam. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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