Important Tips You Should Consider When Selecting Beef Cattle For Sale

by | Apr 5, 2021 | Agriculture

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Beef cattle are hardy animals that are an excellent addition to any farm or homestead. If you’re in the market for some cattle, buying high-quality cows will provide you with a large supply of meat for the family or your burgeoning beef cattle business.

Whatever your goal for owning cattle may be, it’s helpful to consider the following tips when selecting beef cattle for purchase:

Look for Healthy Cattle

Raising healthy beef cattle starts with making the right purchase. As you look for beef cattle for sale, make sure to select healthy animals from the start.

Healthy beef cattle are those that are alert and aware, but not wild. These cows should have clear and bright eyes that are free of discharge. Likewise, healthy cows have smooth and regular breathing with no coughing, in addition to full and rounded bodies.

Prepare Your Trailer and Facilities for Beef Cattle

When hauling cattle in your trailer, make sure to clean the inside to reduce the possibility of transmitting diseases. The trailer floor should also be skid-resistant to keep cattle from falling or slipping.

Cattle also need proper grazing areas enclosed with a perimeter fence. Experts recommend installing a high woven wire fence that is at least 4 feet high. In addition to proper fencing, beef cattle need a strong pen, clean eating, and lounging areas, as well as a shelter.

Unload Your Cattle Safely

After buying beef cattle for sale, it’s important that you unload your new arrivals properly. Your cattle should be kept in a secure holding lot while you unload and inspect them. This area is chosen for new cattle to help them adjust to their environment.

After unloading the cattle, check each animal for any injuries. Following the inspection, be sure to keep your new cows separate from your other animals to quarantine them.

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