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In Search of the Best Rod Iron Doors

In Search of the Best Rod Iron Doors Posted on December 15, 2015

When it comes to exterior doors for the home, it can be hard to decide which kind to go with. For example, do you choose wood, steel, fiberglass or rod iron doors? Many people like rod iron for its looks and durability, but not all iron doors are created equal. Here are some important things to look for when you shop for exterior iron doors.

Thickness Matters

Many rod iron doors makers or distributors will not mention whic gauge metal is used in their doors and for good reason. They assume you understand the standard gauge is 14. However, makers of high quality iron doors use a thicker 12 gauge metal. 12 gauge will hold up to normal wear and tear and abuse better than the thinner 14 gauge.

The best rod iron doors are made two inches thick, instead of only one and one half. This is especially important if you live in an area subject to strong storms or hurricanes. Thicker iron doors are better for coastal homes because of the high salt content in the air. They also perform very well in hot and dry environments, and will not dry out or crack like some wooden doors.

Hinges Matter

Rod iron doors are only as strong as the hinges they hang on. This is why you should look for doors with three strong hinges. In fact, the best hinges are made with ball bearings and can easily be greased for proper maintenance.


Many rod iron doors have intricate and beautiful scrollwork, but you must be very careful and choose only the highest quality doors. For example, some manufacturers use lower grade materials for their scrollwork, like recycled metals or even cast aluminum (to save on costs). These materials may not hold up to the elements and wear and tear, and can make a lovely door appear cheap after just a few years. For best results, choose a manufacturer who only uses high grade wrought iron for the scrollwork.


Make sure to choose a company which uses a special hot dip process to completely rust proof their doors. Rod iron doors must be finished properly or they may rust over time.


Even though iron doors can be expensive you do not have to spend too much money. Look for a quality manufacturer and do business with them. This eliminates the middleman and can save a great deal of money, Plus, the top manufacturers will guarantee you are getting the lowest prices.

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