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Information About THC Prescriptions

Information About THC Prescriptions Posted on March 30, 2022

States are responsible for creating the laws and regulations for the use of medical marijuana within their jurisdiction. While many states use an MMJ doctor’s recommendation for the use of medical marijuana, Texas has a different approach.

Patients in South Houston will not receive a recommendation for medical marijuana from a medical marijuana doctor. Instead, the medical marijuana doctor enters an electronic prescription into the CURT or the Compassionate Use Registry of Texas. It is important to understand that the patient does not receive a prescription, as is common when visiting a primary care doctor or a specialist.

Once the prescription is entered into the system, any approved dispensing organization can access the database and search for the patient’s name. Then, they can dispense low-dosage THC as prescribed by the medical marijuana doctor.


The state of Texas only allows medical marijuana doctors to prescribe low-dosage THC. There are only three dispensaries that are approved by the state, and they tend to be focused in Austin and the surrounding area, with pickup locations in other areas around the state.

However, these dispensaries can deliver medical marijuana throughout the state. They offer different shipping solutions to ensure patients have their medical marijuana prescription medication delivered to their home.

Approved Conditions

Texas initially only approved the use of low-dosage THC in South Houston for one condition. That was intractable epilepsy. However, over the last few years, the government has approved several additional medical and psychological conditions, including PTSD, autism, cancer, seizure disorders, and several other conditions.

To determine if you qualify for a medical marijuana prescription in South Houston, schedule an appointment with a medical marijuana doctor.

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