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Insulate Your Home with Spray Foam this Spring

Insulate Your Home with Spray Foam this Spring Posted on April 25, 2017

Insulation in a home plays a vital role in regulating the temperature in the dwelling. When the insulation is old, it can stop being as efficient and start leaking cold or hot air into the home. If you noticed this past winter your energy bill was higher than usual or on colder days you had a difficult time warming your dwelling. It would be beneficial to consult with a professional about spray foam insulation in Mississauga. They can inspect your home and determine if you could benefit from having new insulation installed into your home.

Rewards Spray Foam Offers

  • You will notice a decrease in the amount of noise you hear from outside of your home.
  • Insulation lowers the chance of mold or mildew growing inside that can be a health danger for the occupants.
  • Spray foam insulation in Mississauga will strengthen your home by adding support to the walls.
  • You decrease the chance of hot or cold air escaping from the structure to allow for a more controlled temperature.
  • Spray foam is faster to apply than other applications of insulations.
  • It is fire and pest resistant to reduce the risk of catching on fire or having rodents nest in your home.
  • Spray foam will last longer than other types of insulation that will begin to sag.

Keep Your Home Cool this Summer

Before the hot summer months can hit, you should take advantage of spring and have new insulation installed. George Kent can provide the services required to properly insulate your home to prevent unregulated temperatures this summer. They use the latest technology and material that is available today to make sure their clients are fully satisfied with their work. They will provide you with a free estimation on how much it will cost to insulate your home and supply you with the options that fit within your budget.

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