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by | Feb 26, 2015 | Business

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Remittances have become a vital component of the global financial system, with remittances worth millions of dollars being sent across the world. People may migrate from their motherland to a foreign nation for working and earning remuneration there. However, their heart of these people is still attached to their motherland and its welfare. Many Indian immigrants, for example, are still bothered about the well being of their relatives in their motherland. Thus, many overseas Indians count on the remittance services, which deliver international money transfer to India. Many questions emerge in the mind of an overseas Indian when he thinks of a money transfer to India. I too am an overseas Indian, who had many queries in my mind regarding the money transfer process, especially online money transfer.

Questions regarding online remittance process

Questions like ‘Is international money transfer to India a safe process?’, ‘Is online money transfer to India a user-friendly and reliable process?’ and ‘Is online money transfer a cost-effective experience?’ enter the minds of prospective remitters.  These queries entered my mind too. I wondered whether the privacy of my transactions and my bank account details would be maintained by the online remittance provider. ‘Will the online remittance service provider have qualified ‘customer support executives’ to clear my doubts?’ and ‘Will my remittances reach my beneficiary speedily and smoothly?’ were other questions in my mind. I knew about the existence of online remittance services but had some doubts in my mind regarding that process.

Features of online remittance

After researching about online remittance services and performed some online remittances, I realized that such services are swift and quite cost-effective. More money of yours enters the wallet of your recipient in India. Any remitter craves for a cost-effective transaction and online remittance services provide cost-effectiveness. That gave me a lot of satisfaction. I did appreciate the fact that the remittance was delivered speedily.

Also, vis-à-vis the security of transactions, online remittance service providers employ foolproof encrypted technological systems to safeguard your transactional details. Your bank account details are safely protected by service providers. Such online remittance service providers have a skilled customer support team, which clarifies your doubts regarding the process.

In a world where time is of huge importance, speedy money transfers are hugely important as work gets done fast in that case. Online money transfers are here to stay because of their overall efficiency and are going to be the heart of the remittance industry in the coming years.

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