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Is Full Synthetic Oil Better Than Synthetic Blend?

Is Full Synthetic Oil Better Than Synthetic Blend? Posted on April 4, 2018

The oil used in your Florida fleet vehicles is a vital consideration. It protects moving parts in the engine from heat and keeps them lubricated, ensuring a long lifespan and reliability. It reduces your overall costs regarding replacement and maximizes the investment your company has made in those vehicles. However, you have many choices in lubrication when buying from a engine oil distributor, and it’s crucial that you make the right decisions. For example, should you use full synthetic, or a synthetic blend oil?

When it comes to protection and lifespan, full synthetic is the better option. Synthetic oils can last far, far longer than synthetic blends, because they have improved components which offer improved resistance against breakdown over time. In a conventional fleet vehicle engine, you might get 10,000 or 15,000 miles between oil changes with full synthetic, but only 6,000 or 7,000 miles with a synthetic blend. Of course, both are superior to conventional oil, which usually gives you around 3,000 miles of engine use.

Synthetic oil also provides fleet vehicle engines with better protection, particularly for power-intense engines. This improves other aspects of fleet vehicle use, such as fuel economy, engine seal wear and tear, internal component lifespan and more. That saves money regarding replacement parts, ongoing maintenance, and even reduced downtime.

With that being said, synthetic oil is more costly than synthetic blend oil. The entire reason that blends were introduced in the first place was to provide a mid-point regarding cost and performance between full synthetic and conventional oil. While using full synthetic oil will ultimately pay for itself, it can be years before that payoff is seen. In the interim, the financial burden falls on your business.

Which type of oil is right for your company’s needs? In most cases, full synthetic oil is the superior choice. Work with a reputable engine oil distributor to ensure that you have access to bulk oil deliveries to save money and ensure your fleet has a constant supply of full synthetic oil at all times.

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