Is It Possible To Repair Windshield Chips And Cracks?

by | May 11, 2016 | Automotive

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Although a windshield is made from laminated glass and is tough to break, it still can crack and chip when impacted by an object which is usually something thrown up off the road. There are many vehicle owners that are not aware of auto glass repairs and assume that they will have to replace the whole thing.

When auto glass repairs are made properly they are a very safe choice and certainly far less expensive than windshield replacement. The one common denominator is time; simply ignoring the damage will only make it worse.

When a windshield is impacted by a foreign object it can chip in five definitive ways and each of these chips have been named:

   *   Star break displays numerous short radial cracks coming from the point of impact

   *   Bulls-eye breaks will have a dark colored circle at the point of impact

   *   Half moon chips can be identified by the half moon separation at the point of impact

   *   A Daisy break has a number of radial bull’s-eyes where the damage occurred

   *   Combination breaks are those that include two or more of the common types of damage

All of these types are chips can be repaired by a knowledgeable technician with the right skills and equipment; however, there is a size limit. If the chip can be covered entirely by a half dollar it can be repaired, if the chip is larger than that the only solution is windshield replacement.

Cracks on the other hand are single lines of separation between the inner and outer layers of the laminate. A crack that fans out into multiple cracks cannot be repaired but the typical single crack on the outside layer of glass can be easily repaired. The one thing that you want to avoid is repairing a crack in excess of six or eight inches and you always want to arrange auto glass repair as soon after it occurs as possible.

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