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Lawn Installation and Renovation

Lawn Installation and Renovation Posted on December 7, 2018

An alluring part of the view of one’s house is the lawn, as anyone is drawn to a cared for landscape. Whether it’s preferred to decorate with more natural scenery like trees, bushes or flowers, or with other things like stepping stones, bird baths, and furniture; any good lawn starts with beautiful green grass. It’s not only a welcoming sight, but it heightens the property value, and just like tending to any other plant, it’s good for the environment. This feat isn’t one that any single person would look forward to doing themselves, but luckily there are many companies who offer Instant lawn installation service in McLean VA.

Sod and Seeding Installation

The site for installation needs to be prepared first whether it’s being laid down for a newly constructed home, or for a plot that has no ability left to grow grass itself. Experts can check the soil’s PH, clear the area of stones, sticks, or any other debris, and ready the land by keeping the area moist and rolling the sod down. Depending on time necessity, or area, the customer can request seeding over sod. Hydro-seeding is the recommended option for bare or uneven areas or new plots. For more spotted, thin, or damaged terrains, power-seeding is the better option.

The Customer’s Part

While the professionals can lay or revive the lawn, it’s the customer’s responsibility to maintain it. This involves consistent mowing, watering, weeding, and occasionally regular fertilization. If the yard is too shady, the grass may not get enough sunlight to grow properly. Pruning the surrounding trees in bushes in the area can help keep it nicely cultivated.

Time is Key

So when would be a good time for one to seek out Instant Lawn Installation Service in McLean VA? It is recommended to start installation around the late summer or early fall period. Cooler nights and moderately warm days achieve better results, ensuring a growing lawn doesn’t struggle with weed competition and allows plenty of time for the grass to mature before winter comes. Seeding during the hotter months can cause a struggle in grass growth, and/or overrun the area with weeds and crabgrass. For more information on lawn installation and renovation, browse our website.

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