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Learn About Alcohol Treatment Programs In Puyallup WA

Learn About Alcohol Treatment Programs In Puyallup WA Posted on July 10, 2015

Alcohol is a serious addiction that destroys lives and families. 2013 U.S. government statistics show 1.3 million people received alcohol-abuse treatment. Those numbers are staggering and that is why treatment options are important. Alcohol affects behavior in many different ways. Some people become violent and assault family members. Also, alcohol impacts judgment leading people to drink and drive.

No one knows why certain people get addicted and others do not. Experts believe various factors play a role, including:

* heredity
* child abuse or neglect
* mental health issues
* early drug use

There are many treatment programs that offer help for alcohol abuse. Residential treatment may be necessary for some people. These live-in facilities provide around-the-clock care. The treatment usually involves counseling and detox therapy. Counseling sessions may be individualized or in a group. Residential programs have a certain amount of success due to the supportive atmosphere. However, individuals need follow-up counseling when they leave.

Alcohol Treatment Programs in Puyallup WA offer alternative counseling. Alternative counseling centers around the idea that all people are different. Therefore, individualized programs may be necessary. Therapists try to help patients with behavior modification. Further, they work with many patients who are in trouble with the courts because of DUI’s and family violence. Alcohol Treatment Programs in Puyallup WA offer a range of programs including intensive outpatient therapy and Alcohol Drug Information School (ADIS.)

Addicts can be helped when family members agree to participate in therapy. Family intervention therapy can be an integral part of addiction treatment. The family attends meetings and counseling sessions with their loved ones and offer support. On the other hand, the addict may not be ready to face family members. Initially, they may resist offers of help and support. Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is a program that helps many people. AA is a 12-step program that uses religion to help people change behavior. Participants usually have a sponsor, from within the group, that supports them through the steps. There are many rehab programs that allow patients to integrate Christianity into treatment. People with addictions learn that treatment never stops, ongoing support and counseling are very important.

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